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In the summer of 2018, the management of Regents Park Apartments promised

elevator improvements" in the eight elevators servicing the North and South residential towers.

However, the "improvements" never came. The elevators started breaking down more than ever, leaving residents of each high-rise tower frequently unable to access their apartments or leave their homes. Even the "renovated" elevators would malfunction in alarming ways, from flicking lights to skipping floors to leaving the most unlucky elevator riders trapped inside, sometimes for hours. Some residents even reported especially odd "quirks" from some of the elevators, such as one elevator that would ignore all of the floor buttons pressed, ride express all the way to the top of the tower, and then immediately start back down and opening on the proper floors, finally allowing alarmed riders to escape. Some residents even described the elevators as being ""possessed.""

Why would a company with a multi-million dollar investment, a huge portfolio of properties, and a profit motive to keep residents happy, be failing so grandly at such a straightforward maintenance task?

It just doesn't make sense.

It seems as though Regents Park is trying to keep its residents from elevating themselves. But why?

Unfortunately, as with so many things in this world, more and more things can be explained by the consequences of our nation turning away from God's light. The evidence is piling up that the Regents Park apartment complex was built as a SATANIC MONUMENT. With that in mind, doesn't it make sense that these elevators “improvements” were actually an act of deliberate sabotage to honor Satan and keep residents closer to the earth (Hell/Satan) and farther away from the sky (Heaven/God)? It is known that Satan often uses catchy sayings and wordplay to make his involvement seem benign, even fun. But note the resonance between the words "hell" and "elevator." They sound alike to you - don't think this is just a simple coincidence!

Be warned, this information can be quite troubling to read, and the truth is disturbing. Despite this, you are encouraged to read all of the evidence with a skeptical eye. Examine everything and decide for yourself if you believe the truth before your eyes. Click the links above to explore all of the facts in detail. And don't just take those facts for granted - everything here can be verified by your own independent research.

DISCLAIMER: This website is a parody, and has been created for educational purposes.